Rates for term insurance

Here are some sample rates for Term Ins.

Male ages  30  $11 per month

Female ages 30 $10 per month

plans in Tx. 10 years $250,000

same as above 15 year plans

Male  $12 per month

Female $11 per month


Same as above 20 year plans

Male  $14 per month

Female $12 per month

Male age 40 $17 per month

Female age 40 $15 per month

Plans in Tx. 15 year plans  $250,000

Please ask about Laddering Term Insurance Plans.

This will save you money.

Index Universal Life to age 100 and 110

Second to die policies will save you money.


Please note;  We believe it is in your best interest to consider the following:

We would suggest that you first speak to an agent to be sure your insurance interest are being met.

The real rate of your insurance plan is determined by your life style and your health history..

Some companies are more favorable to smokers. Some companies may be more favorable to medical health conditions. An agent should  always provide choices based on the class and the rates. There are variations among insurance companies that your agent must be aware of in your best interests.

Agents should also provide to you information on options you may want to have for your protection.
Please DO NOT make your choice only on the price of the premium. This could be a costly mistake in the future protection you may need.

How much does it cost for Disability Income Insurance?

You can plan on 3 to 4 % of your income .

This will provide you with enough benefit tax free to replace your income.

Eg; $100,000 per year income.  approx. $250 per mo. please note this will vary based on the plan and options on the plan.

Always discuss and understand the benefits of a disability plan and how the benefits will work in the plan. I would suggest an agent provide complete details and explain every feature in the plan or plans you would like to select. A one on one interview is important!

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