This page is for you to get the information that you want to know about Insurance. Whether it is Life Health Disability Insurance . Retirement planning or Business Insurance needs.

We will make available information that will help you in under standing insurance and helping  You.

How does Disability insurance benefit  individuals?

for some people it really won't help much.

for some people,professionals and high wage earners it's the majic wand you'll really want.

Does Long Term Care plans really have any benefits. YES YES YES. .............did you know Medi Care Will NOT and Does NOT pay for nursing home or assisted living care. Can YOU afford 50 60 70 80 thousand dollars a year for care?

Final Expense or Burial Insurance is really  a gift to most all americans.

This plan is designed to pay off your costs for your funeral.It will also pay off your final expeses. etc. Medical bills,charge cards and other debts. Don't leave your family and friends with the cost of a funeral. It's the only Cash value insurance that will accept a person who is extremely SICK. It's really the BEST choice for Individuals with extreme medical conditions.

Which is BEST Term or Whole Life or Universal cash value or Index Life insurance?

Well the Honest answer is......What can each type of Life insurance actually do for YOU.......It is best to talk to a professional insurance agent.An agent who is not going to sell sell you any insurance. Get the best advice and YOU decide what is best for YOU after YOU UNDERSTAND what each plan can do to help your family.

Retirement. Should Annuities be a part of a retirement plan?

YES. Why. Just look around and ask people How the market has treated them. The last five years. Oh.. what about 1998 thru 2003.    What about the years 2006 thru 2011.

Annuities have provided a consistant return year after year.

You also don't lose your principal. Own Money.

Upon retirement you can not outl live your money from the annuity life payout. I like annuities because it gives the average person a chance to save for retirement in a SAFE MANNER.

Uses for Business insurance. A great way for the Owner of a small business to retire and make a nice profit out of the business. Business partners will always have a Win Win situation by using Business insurance, Buy Sell....Disability Buyout....... Golden Parachutes...... Small Business owns the Insurance and the owner get a nice retirement income. Business insurance also is used to keep all the family happy when the business is left to the choosen child.

More to be posted

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